How Health & Benefits Partners Can Help?

Health & Benefits Partners has been working in the insurance and financial service field for over 15 years.   We are experts in the individual and group health insurance marketplace.  We are EXPERT consultants with an unbiased view to all providers.

Health and Benefits Partners is your comprehensive broker for individual, group and Medicare insurance.  Along with expert advice and service, we help with claims administration, billing, plan selection, and COBRA.   We use our expertise in assisting our clients at every step of the way.

Health and Benefits Partners' associates are insurance experts who are dedicated to helping individuals and groups find insurance plans that are custom fit to their needs and budgets.  We are independent brokers who work with all the major carriers in your area.

We offer FREE instant online insurance quotes and applications from major health insurance carriers. For additional information, please contact us at 215-240-1263.


 “Partnering with employers is our top priority. We strive to share your values, honor your values and help you achieve timely results with your health and benefits programs.”



Our business philosophy is direct: sincerity, keeping one's word and agreements, honesty, truthfulness, ethics, fairness and justice, punctuality and never faltering for what one believes in. This commitment to 'Integrity' goes hand in hand with partnering. Our clients know they can count on us to get the job done, to be available every day, to care, to help them succeed.  “We are your partners in group health and benefit plans.”


Listening carefully and asking good questions is where we usually start. The next steps are to complete an analysis of needs, develop a tailored plan of action, and submit a new health insurance plan for your consideration. From there, we fine tune the specifics, complete our proposal and move into the action phase of our work.


Good service is based on a clear and consistent communications policy. We work hard to maintain the balance between the extremes. Your proposal includes a communications plan tailored to your needs. Not too little, not too much – just the right balance


The initial commitment to better medical insurance solutions started over 10 years ago, when founder Adam Peltzman began working with individuals to help them save money. Along the way, he became knowledgeable in the special challenges of group health insurance.  “I love working with small business. There is so much opportunity to make a difference” says Adam – a Certified Financial Planner.